Professional picture framing in Basel

We handle all aspects of the work required and treat your artwork with the utmost care and respect.

When specific issues arise, we also consult specialists and work together with trusted partners, such as qualified restorers.

Fashion frames

We develop tailored solutions for your artwork:

whether you want a simple flat frame, a laser-cut, spray-painted or natural wooden frame – we always use the highest-quality materials with product declarations and complete quality certification.

In addition to special surface finishes such as marbling, silver and gold plating, and shellac matting for frames in various woods and profiles, we can also make frames from metal or mount your piece in a plastic cover.

As an additional specialism, we also offer professional mounting of photographic prints.

Ornate frames

Every period of art history has its own frame profiles, ornaments and finishing methods:

we design an historically appropriate ornate frame for your artwork (based on photographic material if desired) – from the Romanesque to Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque, through to Biedermeier and historicist styles.

We use exclusively natural materials and traditional processing methods.

We also offer modifications to existing ornate frames or extension and restoration of damaged frames.

Removable frames

Removable frames can be opened easily by hand.

They are used for temporary framing – in places like galleries and museums.

Removable frames are available in standard sizes – but we are also happy to make adjustments to suit you.

We take care to use flawless, high-quality materials such as acid-free cardboard and special glass, and professionally mount your artwork within the frame.


Have your antique frame or Empire candlesticks become damaged while moving house?

We can help:

we restore missing or damaged parts with the greatest care and expertise.

Whether it involves appliques, carved and gold-plated clocks, candlesticks or turned woodwork – discuss your wishes with us.

Mirror frames

Carved and gold-plated ornate frames can be combined with faceted mirrors to great effect.

We are happy to offer our advice and work with you to develop a tailor-made solution.