JB Prendina framing studio in Basel

We are a full-service framing studio:

from initial discussions about the right frame for your artwork, to professionally hanging the piece, as owners, we take care of your requests personally.

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Spring – time of change, time of transition, time of new beginnings!

The new season brought new changes to our studio, too:

at the end of March 2021, we handed over our business.

Vergoldete Rahmen - JB Prendina GmbH in Basel

We work with modern frames, ornate frames, removable frames, mirror frames and restorations, and handle all aspects of the work required.

Discover our range:

Bilder einrahmen - JB Prendina GmbH in Basel

We treat every artwork we encounter with great respect and use our creativity and skilful craftsmanship to achieve the right relationship between frame and work.

Einrahumungen Bilder - JB Prendina GmbH in Basel

On our ‘Gallery’ page, you’ll find some examples of our work, which you can use for inspiration, as well as photos of our studio.

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to our premises.